Welcome to Take Flight Yoga Rereat


It's no accident that you're here. You are ready for this journey of the heart into oneness.

In these accelerated times it's important to slow down and get back in tune with the rhythms of nature to honor Mother Earth with our practice. 

Here on the Big Island of Hawaii, the 'healing island' and on Magical Maui we take in the wildness and the 'earthiness' thereby grounding and balancing all the chakras. The potency of an active lava flow about three miles away gives space for a total energy body clearing as we merge with chaos and change on a cellular level.

We gather for one day workshops or five day residential retreats in  world class venues, (check 'news-about classes') where we can swim with Spinner Dolphins, giant green sea Turtles and Humpback Whales during the winter months.

These retreats are designed for beginners and intermediates. However, no matter how advanced you are, you end up with a greater LOVE for your practice. This is for singles and couples. We all come away with a deeper sense of trust, communication, and intimacy with self and others. 

See 'news- about classes' for a sample daily schedule. In addition, during some evenings we will have visiting Kirtan artists,  free-form ecstatic dance and a guided hike to the lava flow. There will two optional excursions; one to the Ahalanui thermal pond for soaking/swimming, and learning/practicing Watsu, as well as snorkeling at the Wai'opae tidal pools, where we will view amazing tropical fish, and surreal coral.

There will be plenty of time during the retreat for integration.  Soak in the hot tub anytime.

Surfing is close by.

Bodywork/healing sessions available, see 'payment and registration' for details.

Take note the very beautifully done you tube below is an under three minute glimpse into a two hour session.

I would be honored to share this time with you. Look forward to seeing you in paradise.